Creating A Safer Manufacturing Environment

How You Can Manage And Prevent Fugitive Emissions

There is a lot in the news these days about industrial plants attempting to "go green". The problem most of these plants encounter is that they have to find and counteract fugitive emissions within their plants, or all of their efforts are lost. Fugitive emissions are gas and chemical leaks that poison both the work environment and the natural environment. If your industrial plant is attempting to "go green", you should first find out how to manage and prevent fugitive emissions. Doing so will help set your plant on the right track.

Hire a Fugitive Emissions Management Team

These are specialists who examine every square inch of an industrial plant to find liquid and gas/air leaks. Tracking all of these issues down and fixing them as they go, the team is stopping and reversing multiple issues that can cause problems for the health of both your employees and the surrounding air and ground areas. They also spot problems with liquids and gases that are not effectively under the correct amount of pressure because there are leaks in hoses or the pressurized equipment is in need of repair or replacement.

Keep an Itemized Checklist of the Things the Fugitive Emissions Team Spotted

By keeping a list of everything the fugitive emissions management team spotted, you can revisit these problem areas, machines, and components weekly to make sure the repairs you have made are holding up like they should. This is just a good, common sense way of maintaining things in order to prevent future leaks and problems. It also reminds you that these things need to be checked often so that your company can maintain its promise to consumers to become an eco-friendly industry.

Invest in Portable Gas Leak Emissions Imaging Cameras

In order to conduct your own weekly inspections, invest in one or more portable gas leak emissions imaging cameras. These devices are essential for "seeing" what you cannot see or smell, since most gases are transparent and do not have much of an odor.

The imaging cameras detect small changes in temperature and air movement, which are caused by leaks of other gases into the breathable air of your plant's surroundings. The images captured look like constant blue, orange, yellow or red streams coming from the source of a leak. You can tag the leak with a piece of tape so that you know that you have to come back and repair this leak.