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4 Ways That Upgrading To An Automatic Pallet Wrapper Can Save Money

Pallet wrapping is an essential way to keep smaller packages under control in a busy warehouse or shipping facility, but adding this process to an already busy workload can stretch your employees to the limit. Leaving the wrapping of pallets to automatic machinery may cost a little more in the beginning as you invest in the equipment. However, the upgrade will soon pay for itself as you streamline the process of preparing cases for shipment.  Find out exactly how an automatic wrapper can save money in four specific ways.

Reduced Worker's Compensation Claims

First, stretch wrapping by hand is quite a strenuous task. Even if you're experienced in the process of wrapping a pallet, there's no way to avoid some of the bending and twisting that's necessary for reaching all the corners and edges of a fully stacked pallet. Repeating these actions dozens of times a day results in many wrist and back injuries, leading to worker's compensation claims. If you're concerned about your costs for covering worker's compensation insurance and out of pocket payments, it's worth the cost to invest in an automatic pallet wrapper that eliminates the need for anyone to strain themselves on the task.

Don't forget that these injuries also cost your company more in lost labor as well. When an employee needs a few weeks off or at least light duty work to recover from a strain or repetitive use injury, you're getting less production out of them while spending the same amount to employ them. Keeping your employees safe and healthy from the beginning saves you money, and automatic pallet loaders help you reach this goal.

Lower Labor Costs

Reducing the human labor element of wrapping individual pallets doesn't just keep your worker's compensation claim costs under control. It also frees you to reallocate that labor to more productive and valuable tasks. If you've got enough shipping demands on a daily basis, you may be able to eliminate entire positions from your packaging team to trim down what you're spending on your workforce. You only have to buy automatic pallet wrapping equipment once, but you continue to benefit from spending less on labor for the lifetime of your business.

Faster Wrapping

Are your human pallet wrapping experts simply falling behind on the demands of your growing business? As shipping needs expand, you'll eventually reach a point at which it's simply not economical to pay someone for a full eight hours of wrapping when they can only complete a few pallets in that amount of time. Even basic entry level automatic wrappers can produce up to 40 wrapped loads in one hour, a speed no human can rival. When you've expanded to putting out a hundred or more pallets per day, there's no comparison between the costs of paying for multiple employees or running a single efficient automatic pallet wrapper. 

Greater Use Out of Each Roll of Wrapping

Finally, automatic wrappers help you take advantage of a technique known as pre-stretching. It's very difficult for a human, even when equipped with a manual wrapping rack, to stretch a strip of wrapping plastic to its fullest potential. Automatic wrappers can stretch wrap up to three times in length to get more out of each roll you buy. Since the actual wrap you're using to hold your shipments together is the main ongoing cost associated with this kind of shipping, it makes sense to reduce how much you're using on each load. Automatic pallet wrappers apply just the right amount of pressure to stretch the wrap without snapping it or stressing it to the point of weakening and compromising the load's integrity. 

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